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About Richard Shafsky

Richard Shafsky’s Remedies are derived from his life experience in the organo metallic world of chemistry and advanced applications of ozone. Richard has also developed and successfully used these protocols and remedies for himself to combat chemical toxins and biological pathogens.

Chemtrails are composed of the heavy and soft metals including but not limited to aluminum, barium, strontium and cadmium. These metals are extremely toxic to us and this remedy has been designed to detoxify the body, eliminate and protect (build a shield) our bodies from this daily assault.

The Richard’s Remedy Origin

Richard’s concept of our body being “a colloidal suspension of organo-metallic salts… electrically driven at a PH of just below 7 and a temperature of 98.6” is the foundation for this chemtrail remedy. This chemtrail remedy has been developed to combat the assaults of chlorofluro organo-metallic compounds found today in our water, our food, vaccinations and our chemtrail filled atmosphere.

Legal Disclaimer

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